Arnaldo POMODORO @ Vatican!! (and also @ MILANO!)

It´s known that the Vatican is one of the first designs schools, and if you are not agree, check the other post about, for example, the Costumes of the army designed by Michelangelo!!!
But anyway, when I was there I found very abnormal to find this Arnaldo Pomodoro sculpture in the middle of the Vatican interior park. Anyway, it´s amazing!!!


Here you can see in this picture the Sphere in a focus on in front of al the other things, but the back totaly "Sfumato". Unluckely, was done with Photoshop, sorry!

“Sphere Within a Sphere” sculpted by Arnaldo Pomodoro located outside the Vatican Museum. Is this sculpture another occult reference to the Benben or Great pyramid.

Arnaldo Pomodoro Vatican

Arnaldo Pomodoro Vatican

We move out into the courtyard and I spot the Golden Globe. This is a beautiful sculpture. It is interesting. The center globe remains stationary while the outer globe rotates around it. It is supposed to symbolize how the church remains the immovable center of the world. Sadly for us, the outer globe is not moving today. Still, it is quite a sight.

Me and the Pomodoro´s sphere @ Vatican

Me and the Pomodoro´s sphere @ Vatican

Vatican Park from the inside of the vatican Museum, and the Pomodoro´s sculpture in the middle.....

Vatican Park from the inside of the vatican Museum, and the Pomodoro´s sculpture in the middle.....

Here i was walking through the Vatican Museum and i found this window, that gave me this amazing Pomodoro´s view….

ALSO, one of the most famous sculptures of Pomodoro is in Milan, as he since 1954 has lived in Milan and has his studio alongside the docks in Porta Ticinese

here I post some pictures of the DISCO:

Pomodoro´s disc MILANO

Pomodoro´s disc MILANO


Piazza Meda,Arnaldo Pomodoro’s Sun.The large rotating disk designed by Pomodoro in 1980 shines brightly when the sun strikes it.It is one of the more meaningful and spectacular modern sculptures to be found in the city squares and is a good example of Italian art from the period influenced by the Informal style.It is framed by a highly uniform piazza from the architectural point of view.These buildings were all built between the two world wars,and include many possible interpretations of the contemporary style known as Novecentismo,characterised by the modernization of classical elements and forms.



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3 Responses to “Arnaldo POMODORO @ Vatican!! (and also @ MILANO!)”

  1. These spheres represent a message to other civilazations and beings who occupy other planets and solar systems. The message is that despite the fact that the Earth is war-torn and currently “broken” due to greed, evil governments, etc. that we retain hope for a new day when peace and prosperity will rule here on Earth. This message was put in several places around the world for a reason. We are on the verge (between now and 2013) of these ET’s coming to assist us Earthlings in healing our planet. They will be arriving soon, beware our government when they try to create a war with these ET’s. The ET’s are peaceful, however our government is not. Do not be deceived by our government, instead turn to the light and forces for good who will come from other planets and solar systems – they will give us guidance to fix our broken planet.

  2. I have a wonderful image of the Sphere I took in 11/2010. Can you post it? How do I attach the image?

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